Making the move & Start anew 

 A few weeks have passed since I posted my first blog I’ve been thinking and thinking what should I write about I guess it’s never easy when you haven’t been riding for a very long time

I guess I will share with you some of the things that I did to overcome my depression and the very best shape that I was in

Deep within me I was certain that I had to leave my my area in or to surround myself with people that would help me get through the pain that I was going through

This didn’t happen overnight it was something that I thought over and over but decided to stay in my Nona area close to family family support was extremely important for my recovery

In fact I brought my mom to live with me for approximately a year along with an aunt who who lived with me for about the same amount of time I’m very glad that I got to spend that time with her as I was able to share many moments with her since then she has passed on to a better life

In fact about a year before I brought my mom to live with me I have the support of a very special friend who is always by my side when I needed her as difficult as I was she was always there. For that I will always be grateful hey there is anyone I owe a lot to for my recovery it would be her I have to admit this came at a very high price to her as she ended up falling in love with me.

Two years had passed after my relationship with a narcissist before I could think of anything else and make a decision to look outside of my city and start a new life.

It was not an easy decision to two actually make the move.

It’s funny I was at the office working when all of a sudden I saw an internal posting on our social platform for a position in the same department multinational and this was in Miami I thought it was funny and I even shared it with for and I said hey there’s a position in multinational in the Miami office to return my colleagues replied are you going to apply?  I said no I was just I was just thinking how cool that would be to work in Miami

It just so happened that I had an established relationship with that office as I was the account manager for one of the clients that was brokered out of that office and had a very good rapport with the client executive

So I’m sitting at my desk and think about emailing the client executive that I knew in my mind I thought it would be so cool to actually transfer but then I hesitated I had my my fingers on the keyboard ready to compose the email but didn’t sent didn’t compose an email right at that moment a few minutes past and I start composing the email to him I guess I have a got feeling that once I send that email my life would be different I ended up sending the email with a very simple inquiry I said Andrew is this position part of your team?  A few minutes later that day I received his reply yes we are in the final stages of filling the position.  Are you interested?  I said yes I would be interested then he replied in and said no contact this person and shell go to the interview process with you.

So I reached out and basically chit-chatted over the phone with her and and tried to project a very outgoing person through the phone I guess it was the right approach she was very interesting and me and my background

It just so happened that I had a vacation planned the following week after we spoke I had planned to visit San Francisco there is going to be a convention for the recipients of a scholarship that I had obtained during high school I mentioned to the interviewer that I could instead change my plans and visit them personally at their office in Miami so that I could meet with them in person and get a tour the facilities

I purchased my ticket to Miami and she accommodated me at the epic hotel at the companies expense

After the interview was over and I was ready to get back to San Antonio I have this gut feeling that for some reason I was going to be back in Miami I just felt it that an offer was going to be extended it was a weird feeling I knew that that that moment my life would begin to change as I had wished it would be a new beginning

As I mentioned I was on my own vacation time when I came to the interview and on my first day back at the office the interviewer had already reached out to my supervisor in San Antonio it was the same company that I was interviewing with it would just be a transfer and that was one of the news that I had to deliver on my first day back I had to face my bonds and tell her that I had traveled to Miami to interview for this position this was not using it it was in away turning in my resignation before I even get an offer letter which is not the right way at least is not in my favor

After that encounter with my boss approximately two weeks passed and I received an official offer letter I might even sure how to describe what I was feeling I had my own doubts I had fears about failure wondering how things would work out as I have my home in San Antonio

It’s as if God outlined all the stars for me I have the job offer and then I had a close friends sister-in-law who is interested in renting my home and Anant in Miami Who knew of someone that was leasing and efficiency

All of this happened and was arranged in a matter of two weeks but I seriously was a little stressed out for a little while thinking how is is all going to fall into place but it was is as if magic had happened I as there were no issues and I was able to make the transition into my new role and get situated in my new place the news of me moving to Miami we’re hard on my friend who made herself available to meet during the hardest time of my life it was the way our friendship/relationship ended is not easy for me to leave everything behind but it has help me prove to myself that I am stronger than ever that I am capable of achieving great things, That I am self-reliant.
Survive & Thrive