Torres del Paine 

I’m a just a few days from embarking on a great journey all on my own.  I feel like this is the trip that I should have been on when I decided to pick up and leave the relationship I was in with the narcissist.  However, I am a true believer in that God aligns everything for us and that things are put in our path when we are ready for them.

If anyone had said to me a few years back where I’ll be heading to in the next few days, I wouldn’t have believed it.  For one, because of the state in which I was in; confused, hopeless and with no direction to go to, plus the debt level I found myself in at the time would have made it somewhat impossible .  But things changed for the better.  One of the steps I took was to interview for the position I currently hold.  This got me away from places and people that reminded me of the torturous relationship I had gotten into.  

A lot of changes transformed me into the person I am today.  I am nowhere near perfect but I am happy with my new outlook in life.        With the decision to move to Miami,  I came across a movement I had considered alien, that of minimalism.

The implementation of this new way of life has allowed me to essentially be debt free with the exception of my mortgage on the property I own back in Texas.  However, I don’t honestly consider this debt as my house has been leased since I left and the rent itself covers the note and is in fact an equity-generating asset as time passes. 

This change of philosophy in not acquiring more material goods but rather experiences, has enabled me to see other parts of the world I never imagined visiting. In 2016 I made one of my most longed travels and visited Oaxaca for the first time.  I invited my oldest brother and had an awesome time together.  It helped him re-evaluate his life and helped him understood how valuable his life is, during a time where he was struggling with personal matters he confided in me he had considered taking his own life.  As you can understand him seeing the beauty in life has encouraged him to keep fighting for his and his family’s well being and happiness.

This time around I will be traveling  alone.  Some people never seem to find the courage to do this but I know that great things always await on the other side of fear.  Initially, it was just an idea to visit this 8th wonder if the world.  I said  to myself ‘it would be great to get to see this place’, but I was leaving it to chance for it to happen, when we certainly know that in life for things to happen one must go aftee them, make a decision in order to reach our goals and make our dreams a reality.  It was then that I acted on my thoughts  and aligned my actions in order to make this dream trip a reality.  I’ve made my ticket purchases and reservations in order to reach my dream destination of Torres del Paine National Park in the Chilean Patagonia.  I know this trip will be an amazing experience where I will connect with nature and in a sense connect with my inner self.  

Survive & Thrive!

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